Professor Ladislav (Laco) Mucina has served in universities on four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia) as an internartionally renowned expert in biogeography and vegetation science -  in particular vegetation surveys, classification and mapping.

With more than 300 scientific papers and 26 books to his name, Laco's global scientific interests  also include  biosystematics, molecular phylogeny, evolutionary biology, palaeoecology, biodiversity science, environmental management, plant community restoration and conservation biology. 

Since 2009 Laco has been involved in the vegetation survey and mapping of Western Australia.

In 2013 he was appointed the Iluka Chair in Vegetation Science and Biogeography, to study and help optimise restoration approaches for the native kwongan heath vegetation at Iluka's Eneabba mine, situated in  in a global biodiversity hotspot, in Western Australia's mid-west.

Besides his focus on the role of functional ecology and plant community in the rehabilitation of kwongan shrublands on mineral-rich sands in Western Australia, Laco also engages in research assisting conservation and restoration of biodiversity in other species-rich shrub-lands around the world.