In his role supported by the Shell EMI Chair in Offshore Engineering, Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust (LRET) Assistant Professor Scott Draper is focused equally on three aspects of offshore hydrodynamics and engineering: marine renewable energy, sediment transport and scour, and (most recently) wave statistics.

His recent research on marine renewable energy, completed in collaboration with colleagues at Oxford University in the UK, has been widely reported in the UK free press and in Scottish Parliament. He collaborates broadly on tidal and wave energy research with academics and industry across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Assistant Professor Draper works within a team of four academics at UWA to investigate problems of scour and sediment transport using the University’s revolutionary O-tube facilities.  He has co-authored an industry guideline on subsea pipeline stability, which accounts for pipeline lowering due to scour on a mobile seabed.

He is based in the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems and  part of the offshore hydrodynamics group, linking with Winthrop Professors Liang Cheng and David White.