Assistant Professor Wenhua Zhao

In his role supported by the Shell EMI Chair in Offshore Engineering, Assistant Professor Wenhua Zhao is working on the hydrodynamics of multi-body systems in side-by-side offloading configurations, in particular at developing a reliable model to predict the hydrodynamic performance of a Floating Liquid Natural Gas (FLNG) facility and an FLNG carrier during side-by-side offloading.

His PhD research on numerical and experimental studies of the hydrodynamics of FLNG systems won an Academic Scholarship for Excellent Doctoral Candidates from China Ministry of Education in 2012.

His key research topics include hydrodynamics (offshore structures); wave and structure interactions; numerical and physical modeling of floating structures/riser/mooring line interactions; nonlinear problems in offshore engineering, such as sloshing; and coupled analysis of sloshing and vessel motion. Assistant Professor Zhao is based jointly in the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering and the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems. He is part of the offshore hydrodynamics group, linking with Winthrop Professors Liang Cheng and Mike Efthymiou.

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