Professor Eun-Jung (EJ) Holden leads the computation data analysis research within UWA's Centre of Exploration Targeting (CET).

With a background in computer science, her move to CET irepresented a transition  and enabled her to 'build bridges' between computer science and geoscience and develop n highly successful collaborations with industry:

Following her tenure at CET in 2006, EJ established a group of researchers and students from computational and mathematical academic backgrounds, whom she continues to lead.

Her research focuses on developing automated image analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning and interactive visualization methods; and delivering these research outcomes as practical tools to the industry with the specific aim to maximize their geological knowledge gain from various types of geoscientific data.  

Her research team has developed and commercialised multiple potential field data analysis tools, namely CET Grid Analysis Extension and CET Porphyry Detection Extension for Geosoft Oasis Montaj that are marketed and licensed by Geosoft.