Professor Hans Lambers is one of the world's most highly cited plant scientists and an award winning plant biologist at UWA's School of Plant Biology .

His reseaerch focuses on how plants function under resource limited conditions: what allows them to grow where they do, and excludes them from other habitats? 

Hans's research examines the interplay between environmental and biological factors in plant nutrition and absorption of water and minerals, in particular phosphorus, with key areas being the water relations and mineral nutrition of Australian native plants, phosphorus nutrition of crop and pasture legumes, Proteoid roots, P-use efficiency and dauciform roots and sand-binding roots. 

Hans's expertise has made him a sought-after consultant for minesite rehabilitation, and he has worked extensively with companies such as Newcrest, Alcoa, BHP and others.  

In addition, Hans is a champion and published author on the global biodiversity hotspots in South Western Australia, driving a bid to have the area UNESCO World-heritage listed.  An entertaining video (3:43 min) explains what makes the area so unique.