Jeffrey Shragge is the Woodside Professor of Computational Geoscience and is an Associate Professor in the School of Earth and Environment and in the School of Physics.  Jeffrey leads the alliance between UWA and Perth-based oil and gas company Woodside to develop new computational geoscience research toward improved understanding of WA's vital North-West Shelf energy resources.

"Computational geoscience, and seismic imaging in particular, allows us to make three-dimensional models of the earth's structure that can be interpreted to assist in exploring and developing oil and gas resources, as well as assessing geologic suitability for carbon geosequestration projects.  Models can be used to quantify natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and analyse mining activities."

Jeffrey's appointment will help establish the State as a world centre of excellence in geoscience through leader in innovation and technology. "WA has the National Geosequestration Laboratory Project, the Square Kilometre Array to build the world's biggest radio telescope and the Pawsey Centre Supercomputer, together with billions of dollars of investment on North-West Shelf oil and gas projects," said Jeffrey. "It's an opportune time to build the UWA Computational Geosciences programme through this valuable role."

Besides Jeffrey's focus on generating high-quality research into computational geophysics and high-performance scientific computing under this professorship, he also provides support to UWA's Centre for Energy Geoscience and its Director, UWA Chair in Geophysics, Winthrop Professor David Lumley.

He was a recipient of the Vice Chancellor's Early Careers Investigators Award, bestowed during UWA Reseaerch Week in November 2014.