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Wednesday 8 April 2015

'State of Mind'  presents a highly visual, three-dimensional view of Western Australia's (WA) minerals and energy story.

It is the story of the technology and ingenuity that have underpinned the massive economic and cultural transformation enjoyed by the state over the last decade; the report argues that a resources-led economy is also a knowledge-based economy:

As a world class mining and energy province, Western Australia is home to a lot of advanced technology and ingenuity. The scale of WA's long term minerals and energy production has underpinned an expansion of WA’s science and engineering community which puts WA and Perth on the global map, with Perth emerging as the soft-power capital of the Indo-Pacific region . 

The report argues that a shift in outlook for the WA resources industry can help unlock a new wave of business creation and economic prosperity: State of Mind suggests that WA needs to  pivot away from the traditional focus on minerals and energy production - i.e. commodity prices, cycles and volumes - and focus instead on longer term changes and benefits in knowledge-led work, such as design thinking, remote operations, complex engineering, data science, where WA has the seeds of a genuine comparative advantage.

Watch the State of Mind  brief animated video


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