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Friday 1 May 2015
Elena Douglas (The Knowledge Society)

Smart Power (volume 2); released 1 May 2015

This report is based on the premise  that we as a nation need to be comprehensively informed by facts and understand what they mean.

Smart Power (vol 2) presents a vast array of information  about the 18 countries 'in the zone' (= the indo-pacific timezone), including:

GDP, productivity, labor markets, education, innovation, perceptions about the of ease of doing business, economic freedom, regional architecture, and other factors.

The report demonstrates great opportunities for Australia, but also shows areas of Australia’s weakness, such as in our industry research innovation space.

Smart Power also illustrates the significance role of 'soft power', i.e. the capacity to persuade and influence, and includes factors such as reputation, brand, and “being a good citizen”, by the revealing of Japan as the biggest aid donor in the zone.