Energy and Minerals Facilities

CO2 Geosequestration Research Laboratory

This state of the art $10 million CO2 Geosequestration Research Laboratory at UWA was completed in [...]

Centrifuge facilities for deep water engineering

Capable of reproducing the behaviour of complex seabed sediments, UWA’s centrifuge facilities [...]

Computational capability advances exploration and recovery

The Centre for Energy Geoscience undertakes research which has applications to advanced hydrocarbon [...]

O-tube simulator for pipeline stability

The giant O-tube simulator is one of its kind in the world. It creates cyclonic conditions in a [...]

Fluidised bed reactor – highly analytical instrumentation

Equipped with highly advanced analytical instrumentation, the fluidised bed reactor at the UWA [...]

Soil characterisation facility for offshore soil science

UWA’s multi-million dollar soil characterisation facility contributes to our understanding of [...]

Thermo-gravimetric analyser simulates the gasification process of oil and petroleum residue

This testing facility is capable of quantifying the reaction kinetics and composition of gases [...]

LNG Instrumentation

New processes to remove carbon dioxide and nitrogen from LNG reserves to deliver ‘clean [...]

Gas storage measurement apparatus

Understanding how to store gas effectively is driving highly experimental research at the UWA [...]

Hexapod apparatus for identifying safer LNG transport

Experimental research using newly developed technology known as the hexapod apparatus, aims to [...]

Catalytic cracking facility helps develop clean fuel technology

A major breakthrough in clean fuel technology has been achieved using the unique catalytic cracking [...]

Building a safe, high performance workforce

Biomechanics facilities for better productivity in the workplace. With a focus on workplace injury [...]