New processes to remove carbon dioxide and nitrogen from LNG reserves to deliver ‘clean’ gas are being investigated at UWA in a study using innovative instrumentation.

Multiple custom-built apparatus have been developed to study the removal of CO2 and N2 impurities from natural gas. These facilities operate over a wide range of temperatures (-150 to +60 C), pressures (0.001 to 5000 kPa), flow rates (0.02 to 2.5 litres per minute) and gas compositions.

"The new knowlege generated through this research will enable us to improve the design of LNG liquefaction and purification facilities -known in the industry as production trains- and to treat contaminated gas reserves," says Professor Eric May, Chevron Chair in Gas Process Engineering.

For further initiatives advancing LNG technology, see the video produced by Chevron’s Perth Global Technology Centre.