EZONE UWA  is a major development that will transform the way that the disciplines that support engineering are taught, researched and engaged with.

Led by Dr Peter Lilly, EZONE UWA is the key teaching and learning facility of the University’s $400 million New Century Campaign fundraising initiative.

The new and rehabilitated facilities, particularly at Crawley and Shenton Park, comprise a major component of EZONE UWA, and these are being created in the context of:

  • Alignment, to reflect the strategic direction of the University in the quest for international excellence;
  • Collegiality, to foster a culture of collaboration across disciplines and a sense of collegiate academic community;
  • Innovation, to create an environment that will foster, express and celebrate innovation, inspiring staff, students, industry and the broader community;
  • Agility, to facilitate the ability to respond quickly and cost effectively to change;
  • Connectedness: to encourage the active participation of students, industry and the wider community in all aspects of life associated with the disciplines that underpin engineering excellence;
  • Functionality, to provide an optimal environment for excellence in learning, teaching, research and work; and
  • Diversity for staff and students in how, when and where they work.

Industry recognition  has been gathering momentum, most recently with the announcement  of $10 million investment by UWA and EMI partner Woodside

For further information visit the EZONE UWA website