The Centre for Energy Geoscience undertakes research which has applications to advanced hydrocarbon exploration and recovery, unconventional energy resources, and sub-surface CO2 sequestration.

“I am of the view that as a society we will increasingly need to get smarter about developing our energy sources (hydrocarbon or otherwise), while simultaneously finding new ways to protect our precious environment,”
says Winthrop Professor David Lumley, Chair in Geophysics and Director, Centre for Energy Geoscience.

Its research is supported by the high-performance computational capability at iVEC@UWA - a world-class research facility that hosts supercomputing and visualisation.

It assists the Centre with 3D and 4D time-lapse seismic imaging of reservoirs and fluid flow, in addition to their detailed core, log and outcrop-scale reservoir geology analyses, depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy, and basin-scale structural and tectonic evolution studies.