UWA’s $40 million world-class Centre for Microscopy Characterisation and Analysis (CMCA) is an inspiring collaborative research facility with 13 core co-located capabilities.

Supported by an intellectual hub of expert scientists, the CMCA is a unique analytical facility that supports cutting-edge research in biological, biomedical, geo-environmental and physical sciences, with strong relevance to the energy and minerals sector.

The Centre’s application in earth and environmental sciences focuses on analysing and characterising minerals, rocks and soils. Its high-impact capability supports Australian industry in a broad range of areas. Among its achievements, it has conducted atomic-level analysis to understand new generation steels, contributed to alumina-based research and development (R&D) projects, helped identify and validate new mining exploration methods, and assisted in ‘cracking’ methane gas.

“UWA and CMCA look forward to continuing to support researchers by delivering further cutting edge instruments, techniques and expertise to the Australian resources sector,”
says CMCA Director, Winthrop Professor David Sampson.