Professor Petra Tschakert Professor Petra Tschakert joined UWA as a new Centenary Professor in Rural [...]

Winthrop Professor David White Professor White is the Shell EMI Chair in Offshore Engineering. His [...]

Professor Susan Gourvenec Susan specialises in seabed engineering and leads a team which develops seabed [...]

Professor Eric May Professor May is the Chevron Chair in Gas Process Engineering and one [...]

Assistant Professor Hugh Wolgamot Assistant Professor Hugh Wolgamot is working with Winthrop Professors David White, [...]

Christophe Gaudin is a Professorial Fellow (Research) and Deputy Director at UWA's Centre for Offshore [...]

Professor Ladislav (Laco) Mucina has served in universities on four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and [...]

In his role supported by the Shell EMI Chair in Offshore Engineering, Lloyd’s Register Educational [...]

Unstructured big data sets are the raw material from which invaluable knowledge can be extracted, [...]

Winthrop Professor Caroline Baillie is a Highly Cited Researcher, Chair of Engineering Education at UWA’s [...]

Associate Professor Paul Stanwix is Assistant Director for Research at the UWA Centre for Energy [...]

Hongwei An is an Assistant Professsor at UWA's School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering [...]