Cooperative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED) is a formal program designed to link the abilities and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students with the research and development needs of progressive organisations in the wider community.

Cooperative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED) projects are student research projects undertaken for academic credit, most often as Honours or Engineering Final Year Thesis Projects.

The project topics are defined by the client enterprise – meaning that CEED projects address real issues in the client’s operations, delivering outcomes which enhance performance.

In most CEED projects, the student spends 8 weeks on site with the client during the summer vacation, immersing themselves in the operations and culture of the client while working on their research project.

Each CEED student has both a UWA academic supervisor and a mentor from the client enterprise. This ensures that the student remains connected to the client throughout the project, and engages UWA academic staff with the client and the project.

Benefits of CEED projects to client enterprises include:

  • Cost effective research projects targeting issues specific to the client
  • Engagement of UWA experts with client staff and issues
  • Extended engagement with potential graduate recruits (including the potential to maintain relationships with vacation employees)
  • Specialist training of potentialgraduate recruits in technology and operations unique to the client
  • The opportunity to use the client mentor role in development programs for early career staff
  • Access to UWA research facilities, and engagement with UWA academic teaching and research staff

CEED projects may be undertaken in any discipline at UWA, though the majority tend to focus on disciplines having large numbers of students undertaking research projects, in particular the Engineering disciplines.

There are two CEED intakes each year: The main intake in September-November, and a mid-year intake in April-June.

For more information contact CEED Director, Associate Professor Jeremy Leggoe on telephone: +61 8 6488 7315 or email,