The Centre for Rock-Art Research and Management aspires to be a focal point for research and conservation activities into Indigenous rock-art.

The Centre brings together multi-disciplinary researchers (archaeologists, chemists, fine arts specialists, Indigenous artists, and historians) and Indigenous communities to strive towards creating a more holistic understanding and awareness of the cultural significance of Indigenous rock-art.

For thousands of years, people around the world have been inscribing pictures on fixed, rocky surfaces.

Rock art is laden with cultural information that is used to learn more about people’s stories, history, relationships to land, social boundaries, belief systems, and interaction or communication with others. 

Western Australia features some of Australia’s most spectacular rock-art galleries.  Few landscapes offer as much tangible evidence of human history as the Pilbara, Kimberley and Western Desert regions. Archaeologists and rock art researchers are presented with an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about the rich visual histories associated with rock art, and these opportunities have been attracting increasing support from the mining sector

IMAGE: Murujuga turtles with eggs, published with permission from Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation.