The Centre for Land Rehabilitation works to restore and rejuvenate ecosystems  in a wide range of degraded landscapes.

The Centre applies expertise from soil science, geomechanics, hydrology, geochemistry, soil biology, plant nutrition, plant physiology, restoration ecology and resource economics to the management of disturbed lands.

Its scientists collaborate with industry and government in research for the development of cost-effective solutions for rehabilitation and disposal of waste for their industry clients.

Importantly, they offer advice on management practices for disturbed land and problem evaluation, literature surveys and analysis of rock, soil, plant and water samples for chemical, physical and biological properties that relate to land management objectives. 

One of their main aims is to increase the understanding of processes contributing to stable landforms and sustainable ecosystems in mine rehabilitation.

To this end, the Centre provide a variety of training, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as postgraduate research programs, in land rehabilitation principles and practices for land affected by mining, agriculture, industry and urban development.

Further, they can advance your land rehabilitation practices through practically oriented short courses for managers and operators involved in rehabilitation of disturbed lands.