The University of Western Australia’s Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL@UWA) is a world-class centre developing leaders at all levels, in all types of organisations.

Drawing on a wealth of experience from both the School of Psychology and the Business School at UWA, the ALL@UWA specialises in experiential learning, and seeks to enhance a range of knowledge and skills key to leadership such as problem-solving, communication, and analytical capability.

We work closely with multiple disciplines across the University of Western Australia (e.g., Psychology, Business, Engineering and Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Sleep Science), leading scholars from other universities, as well as government bodies, advisory groups, and industry partners to develop specialised leadership programs. 

The ALL@UWA’s is different to most other leadership development programs because of its strong link to scholarly research.  Supported by solid theoretical underpinnings and empirical evidence, ALL@UWA modules prepare leaders not only to adapt flexibly in challenging environments but create new ways of working and supporting others. In addition, the assessment and activities conducted by ALL@UWA provide cutting-edge research data that can be used to inform the effectiveness of our approach while also providing excellent opportunities for generating high-impact academic and practical publications. 


Program Design

Our programs incorporate leading edge, evidence-based thinking on a range of leadership topics. The programs are an integrated mix of formal workshop-based teaching with supported on-the-job learning activities, and use intensive personalised feedback together with guided reflection.

Our programs are designed as a learning process, covering a series of modules and coupled with many in-between activities that reinforce learning and/or apply learning at work. Our longitudinal, blended and experientially-oriented design allows effective transfer of learning back to the job.

Program Evaluation

Important to consider in designing a program is to build in meaningful and effective evaluation strategies that assess the impact of training on an ongoing basis. We design rigorous, comprehensive, and research-based evaluation strategies to track participants’ development, enhance program impact, and assist future decision making.

Capability Assessment

Often it is important to understand the current capability of individuals and organisation through large-scale assessments and surveys. With a team of experienced Industrial/Organisational Psychologists, we specialise in the design and implementation of rigorous assessments at all organisational levels, and using data to assist leaders understand themselves, their teams and organisations, and identify areas for change. 

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